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Do It Yourself Websites provides web coaching, design and support to churches, non-profits and small businesses in Hanover PA and beyond.  We provide support through video training at a distance. Our goal is to teach you Do It Yourself Websites so that you can design and become self-sufficient.

Do It Yourself Websites and Coaching

Do It Yourself Websites is about empowering individuals to get the most out of their websites. Do It Yourself Websites will do just that . . . and we will not leave you stranded.

Because you know what you want
do it FOR LESS
Because you know what you can afford
do it ON TIME
Because you know that timing is everything
do it RIGHT
Because you know that is how it should be done
We can help
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Your Audience.    Your Message.    Your Timing.

So — why not do it yourself? We'll coach you through the process.


From selecting and registering a Domain Name, to choosing the right host, to uploading the proper content management tool and framework for web development — we can walk you through the process and help you effectively organize and structure your site.


How you want to represent yourself and who you are trying to reach are critical to your website's design. No one knows your audience and your message better than you. We can help you translate those elements into a design to connect with those you are trying to reach.


A good design may catch a vistor's eye, but relevant content will get their interest and keep them coming back. Once a site is launched, the importance of keeping it up-to-date cannot be overstated.  We can show you how to simplify the process and stay on top of it.

why web coaching?

No one can deny the value of the internet and the impact it has had on communication. But, the internet can also be a scary place for those who feel they do not have the technical skills or understand of how it really works.  So they either ignore it or hire someone to do it for them.

But, things have changed.  The tools are there today to make it possible for you to do it yourself.  Drag and drop design is a reality.  Free, open source systems like WordPress are well established and have extensive support communities.  All most people really need is a little guidance to bolster their confidence and someone they can rely on to help them along the way. 

That's exactly why we chose to become web coaches.  We would rather help others learn to design and maintain websites themselves than just simply do it for them.   No one knows your business better than you. So why not?  We will be with you every step of the way and can even step in if and when it may be necessary.

Web Coaching, Design and Support for Do It Yourself Websites in Hanover PA
Do It Yourself Websites

you really can do it yourself

By building the site yourself, you will own your website and have complete control over the design, content and host. You will be free to move your site wherever and whenever you choose without being dependent upon the costs associated with or even existence of a third-party service. You choose who hosts your site and you decide the type of hosting arrangements you want.

When you build the website yourself, your site will be fully expandable and customizable. How you choose to develop your website is virtually unlimited. With a proprietary website builder you are limited to the tools available through the builder. If you design it yourself, you will have thousands of plugins available to you and can tailor the site to the needs of your visitors. Flexibility is the key.

But, more importantly, should you ever decide to move your site away from an online website builder, it will be extremely difficult. At best the process will be cumbersome and in some cases your site will need to be completely rebuilt. In essence, you may need to start over.

With the drag and drop tools and free content management tools available today, doing it yourself is for real.

what's best for you?

The capabilities once offered only by online page builders are now available directly to you without relying on a cloud-based service. Layout templates, menus, buttons, forms, photo sliders, accordion tabs, audio and video, callouts — its all there. Drag and drop design, coupled with the power of open source WordPress makes it all possible.

WordPress is free and developed and supported by a huge community of designers, developers and experts who willingly share their knowledge. The system is built and maintained by thousands with millions of users.  No website content management system can compete and the support is unrivaled. 

And the sky is the limit. Every day new plugins are being developed to expand the capabilities. The database of unlimited free expansion modules keeps growing. Have a need for a particular function and you are not a programmer or devloper?  No worries. Chances are a plugin has already been developed to meet your specific need.

With all these tools available to you, and coaching from us, why not? Contact us and we will talk about it.

Do It Yourself Websites sign and Web Coaching in Hanover PA

It all starts with planning. Choosing the right domain name, selecting a host, deciding what to say, organizing information, deciding upon website structure — and all this before you even begin to think about design. But, first things first.

A good design starts with knowing your audience. No one knows them better than you do. So, who better to begin the design process? And now you have the tools and support you need to make it happen.

In the long run, it is all about content — keeping things fresh, relevant and up to date. Content management is critical, whether you are preparing the material or curating the content of others.

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Our Mission

Our only goal is to help you get the most out of your web presence.  We believe you know your message and your audience better than anyone else.  We think it is important for you to control as much of your website as you can. We are here to help you do just that. That is why we choose to work with clients we can believe in and are proud to serve.